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Autodesk’s Pixlr® Express app is an easy-to-use online image editor for your phone and the web that helps make your photos radically creative.

Jazz up your pictures with stickers, sparkles, and fabulous fonts—or go for a more professional look using the sophisticated tools you expect from a real photo editor.

Download Autodesk’s Pixlr® Express app for free* and unlock the secrets to editing your photos like a pro!

Checkout this fun 3-minute Pixlr® Express app ‘Getting Started’ video

Jam-packed with adjustment tools, awesome effects, cool overlays and more, the Pixlr® Express app allows you to make multiple edits and transform your photos from simple snaps to illustrated works of art. There are literally hundreds of features to choose from, so here are a few of our favorite tools.

Auto Fix

Give your photo a professional makeover. With just the click of a button, Auto Fix automatically adjusts light, color, and tone to make your photos look beautiful.

Focal Blur

Ready for your close-up? Draw the eye toward the most important thing in your photo with Focal Blur. This feature puts an extreme focus on one object and blurs out everything else.

Color Splash

Recolor your world! Perhaps the most impressive tool of the bunch, Color Splash turns your photo black and white and lets super-colorful detail shine through.

Looking for more inspiration?

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